My Half Term Ski Holiday

My Half Term Ski Holiday February 2019. I went to Poland with my family. Everything about it was wonderful! Although the plane journey was a couple of hours I love flying. I remember playing with Barbie’s and eating Revels and Mars Bars. When we landed it was snowing!!! We were so excited. It never snows in England so this is a big treat. Everything around us was a winter wonderland!!!!

When we arrived

We got picked up at the airport and began driving. Because of the slippery conditions and a crash, we had to take the long way. It took a while but it was worth it. When we reached the hotel, it looked like it had come out of a postcard. There was a thick layer of snow on all the windowsills and the ground. Even the trees were covered!! It looked beautiful.

After checking-in, we went to town to have pizza. They served us one slice of pizza and it was the size of your head!! It was delicious and I would recommend having the margarita but Erin would probably say have the ham and mushroom. While we were in town, we went on these snow tubes (rubber rings that go down the slope and out pulled back up). They were really fun and are a definitely do if you ever see some. The next day was our first day skiing.

My first day skiing

Hiring the stuff wasn’t a problem because it was all included in our package. Walking in the ski boots was really hard because they were so heavy. We hadn’t skiied in ages so we started on the nursery slope. We soon caught the hang of it and moved up a slope. Then up again. Over our two week holiday we did all the slopes facing us and did one slope that was on the other side. The one on the other side was my favourite along with the one that skiied us down to a little food hut where we had Shnitzel. I love Shnitzel!! We didn’t have it much at home.


The hotel we stayed in included breakfast. Homemade honey and home-baked bread was my breakfast. We got one day to rest. On our rest day we slept in, then bought soveniers. One day, after skiing we got picked up and went to the thermal baths. They are out door baths that are heated by the earth and they are hot!!! We ordered drinks and drank them whilst chilling. It was definitely the highlight.

I would certainly go back to Poland again. It was amazing!!!