3* Hotels in Zakopane

3* Hotels 

When it comes to choosing a 3* hotel, there are many factors to look at.

Location is one of the most important. All of the hotels that we offer are within walking distance of the main high street in Zakopane.

The facilities are also a factor. We have a wide range of hotels, some with swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, gyms and spa facilities and some with out. You choice will depend on if you plan to spend a lot of time in the hotel or if you will make use of the facilities. Just rememebr that there are thermal baths and spa facilies around Zakopane and we provide trips to these locations.

The list of hotels below are just a few of the options available. Contact us with your requirements and we will make sure that you choose the best option for your group.

Czarny Potok is just 5 minutes walk from the high street!

Hotel Czarny Potok

We highly recommend hotel Czarny Potok. 

Centrally located, Czarny Potok is a short walk to the high street. You will have bed and breakfast included as well as the use of a swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna!

Hotel Logos is a modern centrally located hotel

Hotel Logos

Logos hotel is just a 2 minute walk through a small park to get to Krupowki – the high street of Zakopane.

Offering bed and breakfast as well as use of the sauna, jacuzzi and gym

Pod Skocznia is locate close to the Zakopane Sk Jumps

Hotel Pod Skocznia

Hotel Pod skocznia is 10 minute walk to the high street and offers breakfast and use of a Finnish Sauna 

We have plenty more 3* Hotels available. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will suggest the best option for your group.