Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Zakopane

Restaurants in Zakopane

Zakopane is a town filled to the brim with Restaurants, mostly serving traditional highlander food ( meat and potatoes) with an Italian influence. You can also find Italian cuisine as well as restaurants serving burgers, steaks and of course high end meals. The majority of restaurants can be found on or near by the ‘Krupowki‘ high street.


Bars and Cafes

As with the restaurants, most of the cafes and bars in Zakopane can be found on or close to the high street. Of course like anywhere there are a few locally known hidden gems further from the centre.  If you are looking for a cozy quite bar or a lively drinking hole, there is something for everyone.


The best pizza restaurant in Zakopane!…. An Italian restaurant just off of the high street. Although not the cheapest restaurant in town, the pizza is worth the few extra zloty.

Cafe Strh


Translating as the loft. Strh is indeed located on the top floor. A modern style cafe/bar serving great food and a good variety of Polish beers and organic fruit wines. With a view to the mountains and the high street, it is a great location for a coffee.


‘The Barn’ in the middle of the high street is a place for meat lovers. The grill can be seen from the steet. Here you can get a 500g! burger or meaty feast.

Appendix Bar

Appendix is a more lively bar with regular live bands and a great atmosphere. Recommended for great cocktails, shots and beer on tap.

Casa Mia

Date night, romantic meal, great food. Our recommendation for a special meal. This is a small quaint restaurant at the top of the high street. But remember – No children allowed…

Tygodnik Cafe

A rooftop bar/cafe with spectacular panoramic views of the town and Tatra mountains. A must visit during your stay – for the view at least.

Tunel Restaurant/Bar

Tunel is a great bar offering comfort food like pizza, burgers and Polish classics as well as large salad servings . They also have a great selection of beers available even in a 1L tankard glass. 


A small locals bar, great for a quite beer or coffee after a day on the slopes. The swings at the bar a also a great attraction. 


Again one for the meat lovers. Here you can share a 2/4/6/8 person platter. A mix of meats/ potatoes/ salads and sauces. You won’t believe the size of them!

Legenda Nietoperza

A whisky lovers paradise. A small underground bar with a wide selection of Whisky, Rum and Vodka located higher up on the high street


Restaurants in Zakopane

Bars and Cafes in Zakopane