Guest Houses / Pensions

Guest Houses, Villas, Pensions, Chalets and More!


Below you will find a variety of guest houses in Zakopane. These are just a few of the available options for our guests. We will make sure that we find you the prefect accommodation for your ski holiday to Zakopane.

Guest houses are great for families looking to meet other people, groups of friends, couples and people looking to rent a whole villa.

Make sure that you talk to us about your requirements and we will make a suggestion on the best option. This could be a guest house, hotel, apartment or even a private cottage.

A great guest house just 200m from the high street!

Chalet Gong  – Guest Houses

Chalet Gong is a one of the favourites amoung Addventure Toues guests.


Gong is just 200 from the main Zakopane high street – Krupowki

Guests receive a great breakfast, Barbara and Stan will make sure that you do not set off for you day skiing with out a full belly.

Accommodation in Zakopane - Chalet Gong
A quaint Villa close to the high street offering breakfast and dinner!

Villa Karpinskich 

Villa Karpinskich is a family run guest house that is just 5 minutes walk away from the high street.

Pention Arnika is a great family friendly guest house located close to the high street

Pension Arnika 

Just 10 miuntes walk from the high street, Pension Arnika is a great option. Breakfast is included and a gym and sauna are available for guest use.

We have plenty more accommodation choices available. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will suggest the best option for your group.