Summer Holidays in Zakopane and the Polish Tatra Mountains

What will happen on your summer holidays in Zakopane?

Upon arrival in Poland, our summer holiday packages take care of everything you need for a great trip. We will pick you up at Krakow Airport and whisk you straight to Zakopane, to the doorstep of your chosen accommodation. Our custom packages can be as intense or relaxed as you like. With this, you can include just a few activities, giving you plenty of down time, or you can fill you holiday with memerable activities.

How flexable are the activities?


Our guides / staff will be on hand to help you throughout your stay in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountins. Where posible, we are flexible to make sure that you get the most out of every activity. Together we will plan your activites based on the weather and the preferences of your group.  We want to show you the beauty of the Polish mountain town of Zakopane.

Unsure of which activites to take advantage of?


No problem, speak to a member of our team. We will get an idea of the sort of activities you might like and then make a suggestion on the best package for your group. We have example packages for families with children, adult groups and even the most intence adrenaline junkies.

Addventure Tours offer the most flexible service imaginable and are happy to work around you. Expect a first-class standard of care as we promise to go the extra mile to ensure your time with us provides the best holiday imaginable. Our build your own packages allow you to customise your package to ensure the best value and fun.

What activities can I add to my Summer Holidays in Zakopane?

Mountain Hikes

We offer guided hikes around the Tatra Mountains and Gorce Mountains and Pieniny Mountains. You can choose the dificulty and length or the hike based on your ability and experience.

Mountain Biking

We offer guided mountain biking tours around the Tatra Mountains,  Gorce Mountains and the Pieniny Mountains. Your guide will suggest a route based on your ability and experience.


River Rafting

Take a guided rafting tour down the Dunajec gorge in the Pieniny national park. Choose from traditional wooden rafts, inflatable pontoons or kayaks. Relax and enjoy the ride along this beaufily gorge.

Quad Biking

Follow your fully qualified guide on a 2 person quad bike through a variety of terrain and and picturesque locations in the Zakopane and Podhale region.

Rope Park

Get harnessed up with saftly equipment and make your way along either the Big or Junior high ropes course. The platforms and obstacles are from 6-8 metres above the ground.  You can also take a scramble up the climbing wall, a leap of faith or a ride on the zip line.


Have you ever wanted to take revenge on a friend or family member in a safe and fun way? Paintball is a great activity for doing just that. Roam around the large playing field in your camouflage clothing, hiding behind the obstacles whilst organising your teams attack.

Off Roading - 4x4

An activity for adrenaline thrill seekers. With an experienced instructor, take an off road vehicle along a variety of mountainous terrain through picturesque landscapes in the Zakopane and Podhale region.

Team Building

Whether you are a group of friends, work colleagues, families or strangers, team building is a great way to increase communication, logic and ability to work with others.

Thermal Baths

Relax in the naturally heated thermal baths around Zakopane. Chill on a sun bed, play on the water slides and allow the healing water to regenerate your body

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