Where to Ski and Snowboard in the Polish Tatra Mountains

Zakopane and the Polish Tatra mountains form a natural border of Poland and Slovakia.

The Tatra Mountains are the largest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains that run almost 1000 miles across central and eastern Europe.

22% of the Tatra Mountains are located on the Polish side while the larger 78% are on the Slovakian side.

The highest mountain in the Polish Tatra Mountains is called Rysy. All three peaks of Rysy can be reached from starting points both in Poland and Slovakia.

Zakopane, known as the winter capital of Poland, is the main ski town. With many slopes and ski areas local to cultural district.

When we talk about skiing in the Polish Tatra Mountains we must firstly talk about Kasprowy Wierch. Kasprowy is home to the highest skiable slopes in Poland. The peak lies at 1987m.

To reach the top of Kasprowy you can take the 15 minute gondola ride up from Kuznice.  The cable car travels a distance of almost 4.5km to the top station which is just 26 metres below the summit.

Who can ski on Kasprowy?

Kasprowy is only suitable for more advanced skiers and snowboarders due the to steep terrain and difficult conditions.

The Kasprowy Ski area is split into two areas; Gasienicowa and Goryczkowa. The Gasienicowa ski run is 1.4km long consisting or a steep black slope opening up into a comfortable red. A 4 man chair lift then brings you back up to the Kasprowy peak. The Gasienicowa ski run has a distance of around 2km. This run is mostly black due to its thin trails and steepness.  A 2 man chair lift takes you back to the Kasprowy peak. From the bottom of the 2 man chair lift there is a long and chilled ski out run that takes you all the way back to the bottom gondola station in Kuznice.

Kasprowy is a great area for more advanced skiers and snowboarders but what is available for beginners/ novice/ intermediate skiers in the Polish tatra mountains?

There are a large number of ski areas close by to Zakopane that are perfect for families and groups of people looking to push forward with their skiing ability.

In our opinion the best ski area is Bialka Tatrzanska. Just 22km from the centre of Zakopane. Bialka has grown from just one small ski run to a large ski area with over 15 different ski runs in just 12 years. The new lifts are modern with comforts such as heated seats and wind stoppers.

The runs in Bialka range form complete beginner magic carpet runs, green, blue and red runs.

Bialka hosts a top quality thermal aqua park which is just 50m form the lower ski lifts. There are also a range of shops, cafes, restaurant and even a ice rink.

Why Zakopane?

Why Poland?

Why the Polish Tatra Mountains?

Zakopane and the surrounding ski areas are highly recommended for people looking for a cheap ski holiday that offers top quality skiing and value for money as well as great local culture. Skiing in Zakopane offers something ‘different’ from the common French and Austrian resorts.