Dolina Białego

White Creek Valley

Dolina Białego is a low lying valley and is easily accessible from Zakopane. This valley is great for hiking in both the summer and the winter. Due to its low level and fairly easy path, this valley can be reached even with snow during the winter.

Dolina Białego, Dolina Ku Dziurze and Dolina Strążyska as well as some others are all connected by one path called ‘Droga pod Reglami’ (Path undre Regle). This pass runs along the outskirts of the Tatra National Park.

At the start of the Valley, there is a ticket office where you must purchase your enterance to the National Park. This is a small fee ( 5zl per adult) that is used for the daily upkeep and maintainance throughout the park.

Below is a video that shows the valley walk from bottom to top. From the top of the Białego valley, you can reach Sarnia Skała, the Strążyska valley and Kalatowki as well as further up into the higher tatras.

Dolina Białego

Walking Distance – 2.6km one way

Walking  Time – 1 hour up and 40 minutes down.

This valley is relatively easy and suitable for children. The valley shows the beauty of the Tatra National park without walking too far or along any dificult routs.

After walking for around 15 minutes you will come across a closed off cave/opening in the rock face. After world war 2 in the early 1950’s the soviets dug 2 tunnels in search of Uranium deposits. One tunnel is 270m long whilst the 2nd is 400m. During the time that the valley was closed and guarded. 

The name ‘Dolina Białego’ ( White Creek Valley) comes from the white limestone in the lower valley.