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Great Value Skiing Holiday to Zakopane

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Where is Zakopane

Zakopane, aka the Winter Capital of Poland is located at the southern most point of Poland. The Tatra mountains run across the Polish and Slovakian border. The town ofZakopane is located at the base of the Polish tatra mountains. 

Zakopane is a popular destination, especially for Polish touristsm. In recent years there are more and more foreign tourists who visit this beautiful mountain town.

There are 3 airports that you can fly into when visiting Zakopane. The most common and best option is Krakow Balice Airport. Krakow airport is 110km from Zakopane and the journey take just under 2 hours assuming you do not get stuck in traffic. This can happen during busier times or when there is bad weather.

Airport option number 2 is in Katowice, which is further away than Krakow. Sometimes it can happen that the price of flights into Katowice can be favourable and therefore worth the extra 40 minute journey.

The 3rd option is a very small airport in Slovakia. Poprad airport hosts only a few flights a week and current only accessible from London Luton Airport. This airport is closer to Zakopane and take just 1.5 hours to reach.

The advantage of arriving in Krakow is that you can take a look around the city and even spend a night there. Addventure Tours provide customised quotes allowing you to split your holiday between Krakow and Zakopane.

Zakopane Ski Holiday

Why is Zakopane such a great place for beginner skiers

Zakopane is unlike any other ski resort. In most ski resorts you have one big ski area where everything is joined. Skiing in Zakopane is a little different. Zakopane and the surrounding areas are made up of many different ski areas. The ski areas are a mix of green, blue and red runs as well as black runs in the higher ski areas.

The big advantage to beginner skiers is that the runs are wide and mostly focussed on beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

Zakopane is the ideal location for a beginners skiing holiday to Zakopane.

Modern skiing in Zakopane
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Accommodation in Zakopane - Highlander Cottage
World Cup Ski Jump
Ski Holiday Zakopane at Night

What is there to do in Zakopane.

Zakopane has unmatchable charm and it is impossible to see the unique culture and highlander traditions anywhere else.

You can spend your ski holiday in luxury at one of the many 4/5 star spa hotels or dive into the culture and stay at a more traditional family run chalet/cottage.

Most people want to ski as much as possible when on a ‘ski holiday’ however spending time exploring the town of Zakopane is a must. We suggest a day off in the middle of your stay to rest up those legs ( skiing is hard work especially for beginners) and to explore.

Zakopane is home to a World Championship ski jump. ( Wielka Krokiew) Zakopane has hosted a number of big ski jumping events and is a regular stop for the ski jumping world cup. If you have never seen a full size ski jump then a walk up to the top of town to see the jump is a must.

Krupowki street is the most famous street in Zakopane and in the top 5 streets in Poland. Krupowki is over 1km long and is lined with shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and stalls selling the famous Ocsypek cheese. This will most likely be the place that you head to each night.

Other activities in Zakopane include, thermal baths, horse sleigh rides, snowmobiling, husky sledding, ski touring, cross-country skiing, sledging and many more.

Apres ski –Food and Drink

One of the most attractive aspects to a ski holiday is the ‘Apres ski’. The night life in Zakopane is well up there and because the town is much larger than the average ski town, there is plenty of options.


Krupowki ( high street) is most likely going to be your go to place in the evenings during your skiing holiday in Zakopane. The traditional highlander restaurants are a must try, especially for these who like their meat. Although it is easy to find vegetarian and other food options. There are highlander restaurants located all along the high street and are easily noticeable because of their wooden outlook. On the weekends and during the week in high season, you can hear the local bands playing in the evenings. Grab a local beer and a meat platter and enjoy the evening.

There are other cuisine options available including many Italian/pizza restaurants, kebabs, sushi, Burger and steak restaurants and more. You will not struggle to find food in Zakopane.

Most restaurants are open until 10pm however some stay open even past midnight.


If you are looking to move on to a bar after dinner or stop in for a quick drink, there are many options in Zakopane. Again the high street is the best place for this. As you are in Poland, tasting the vast flavours of vodka is a must.

Most of the bars are small and cozy with a traditional feel. There are also a number of clubs in town. You can see our favourite bars and clubs here.

Bars in Zakopane stay open until around 1am and clubs are open we’ll into the morning.

There are also a number of rooftop cafe bars. A great place to see panoramic views of the town. 

Kruposki Highlander Restaurant
Skiing holiday Views
Meat Feast
Zakopane Bars
Strh Cafe Bar Zakopane

Skiing Holiday to Zakopane with Children

Zakopane is a very safe town and place to ski with children. The slopes are perfect for kids to learn and there is a lot of activities for children along the high street including play areas, cinemas, museums, games rooms and more.


Zakopane is a very cheap place to ski. As Poland is not currently in the Euro prices are still very low compared to most other ski resorts around the world.

If you buy lunch on the slopes in a ski resort in the Alps, you can expect to pay extortionate prices. The prices on the slopes in Zakopane are no more that in town.

Of course prices vary between restaurant however on average you can expect to pay around £5-10 for a main meal. A beer in town can be as cheap as £1.75!

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