Skiing in Zakopane 2022


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Despite the uncertainty in the world today. Many people are looking to book up a winter holiday  for the 2021 – 2022 season.  If you, like so many others, need something to look forward to, booking a safe and secure holiday skiing in Zakopane 2022 is a great idea.

Where to ski in Zakopane

When you research skiing in Zakopane you may be slightly confused by all the different ski areas and names. Essentially, Zakopane and the surrounding villages have many smaller ski runs dotted around. These small ski runs are only really suitable for complete beginner skiers and snowboarders. There are 6 larger ski areas that are more suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Ski Zakopane 2022

Zakopane Ski Resorts

Bialka / Kotelnica Białczańska

Bialka / Kotelnica Białczańska

Bialka Tatrzanska/ Kotelnica Białczańska is the largest and best ski area close to Zakopane. This Zakopane ski resort has had a lot of investment over the last few years.

The Bialka Tatrzanska ski resort in Poland consists of 16 lifts including chair lifts, drag lifts, t-bars and magic carpets offering 25 runs (Green, blue and red).

There is also a snowpark and cross county ski tracks. Addventure Tours highly recommends Bialka Tatrzanska when skiing in Poland.

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch is an iconic mountain in the Tatra mountains and the only high mountain ski resort in Poland. The mountain consists of a cable car with 2 sections that takes you from Kuznica in Zakopane to the top of the mountain. There is then 2 chair lifts – one 4 man and one 2 man lift. The 4 man lift  ( Gasienicowa) takes you on a black run which is particularly steep at the top. Whilst the 2 man lift takes you on the Goryczkowa side of the mountain. This side of the mountain is also a black run. It is then posable to ski all the way back down to the bottom of the cable car.



Jurgow is located on the Poland-Slovakia border about 30 minutes drive from Zakopane. This area is the 3rd largest area and one of the recommended Addventure Tours ski resorts.

Jurgow had 2 chairlifts taking you to the top of the resort. From here you can choose to take the black run or the Red run down to the bottom, both around 900m. There is also 1 long and 2 shorter drag lists. The longer drag lift brings you to the top of the main blue run whilst the 2 shorter drag lifts are green runs.



The Szymoszkowa ski area has 2 chair lifts and 2 runs. The smaller 4 man chair lift takes you to a 400m long blue run. The larger 6 man lift takes you to the highest point of the 1.4km long run that begins with a red and runs down to a blue.

Polana Szymoszkowa is in Zakopane town just a short walk from the high street. The runs can be seen from town, especially at night when they are flood lit.

Great for beginner/intermediate skiers.



The Harenda ski area Is on the outskirts of Zakopane. This area can also be seen from some locations around town. The area consists of one main chair lift that takes you to the highest point. Here you have a few routes down which consist of a steep red or a blue run. Lower down there are 3 drag lifts reaching different heights as well as a magic carpet. Although relatively small, this area allows complete beginners to progress up to advances level.

Ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.



Suche, like witow, is a short drive out of Zakpoane but in the opposite direction. This area has 2 small beginner drag lifts runs and one chair lift that takes you to the top. Here you can choose to take the blue run or the slightly longer red run. There is also a small drag lift at the top of the blue run.

Idea for beginner, intermediate and advanced intermediate skiers


Witow ski area is a short drive from Zakopane. One longer 1km chair lift takes you to the top of the main blue run. Lower down you have a drag lift and beginner run.

Recommended for beginners and intermediates (Witow can be a little quieter due to its location)

Skiing in Zakopane 2022

Ski Witow - Zakopane  2022

Price of skiing in Zakopane

The cost of skiing in Zakopane is relatively low compared to many ski resorts across Europe. Zakopane can be classed as a budget ski resort and has been named as one of the cheapest ski destinations based on overall holiday prices.

A full week long ski package price will starts from £425 per person. It is possible to find flights ( if you are flexible) as low as £120 per person. Therefor you can have an all in ski holiday from just £545 per person.

When is the best time to ski in Zakopane?

The ski season in Zakopane usually starts in the first week of December. The larger ski areas have great snow making facilities and they do their best open before Santa arrives ( 6th December in Poland)  From the date that the slopes open to 27th December, the slopes are relatively quiet however there is a risk of not all the slopes being open.

The New Year week can be quite busy. Zakopane is a big destination for Polish Tourists who want to cerebrate New Year. Usually ( out of Covid times), Zakopane hosts a televised event in the równia krupowa park. This can be quite overwhelming which is why Addventure Tours organise our own private party for our guests.

Early January is usually a quieter time on the slopes, in-between New Year and the Polish School Holidays. The snow is usually the best in January and February.  The Polish school holidays last for 6 week ( split between regions). This does make the slops busier.  The Uk February Half Term 2022 is from 12-19th February. This is a great time to join us in Zakopane. We organise evening events for our guests through out the week which is great for socialising for both adults and kids.

March is again slightly quieter on the slopes. The snow can deteriorate in the second half of March. Unfortunately, Easter is usually a little too late to ski in Zakopane.

Covid-19 – Skiing in Zakopane 2022

Covid 19 has affected Zakopane greatly, just as it has done to tourism all around the world. The ski slopes in and around Zakopane only managed to open for a few weeks during the 2020/2021 winter season. This was not helped by the fact the hotels and accommodations were not allowed to open during this time.

The quantity of covid vaccinations being given has been increased significantly and currently ( May 2021) the covid rate is the lowest it has been since September 2020.

As the summer season is due to begin shortly, hotels restaurants and almost all aspects of the tourism industry are opening.

We have to assume that with the majority of people receiving the vaccine, ski holidays in Zakopane will be a great success in the coming winter season.

Of course, any of our clients who are unable to travel due to covid ( border closure or mandatory quarantine) will receive a full refund or credit for future holidays. 

Zakopane skiing 2022

Is Zakopane a good destination for a family ski holiday

In one word… Yes!. Zakopane is a great choice for you family ski holiday. There are many great winter activities in Zakopane for the whole family. Lets face it, skiing is not for everyone and there is no point spending thousands of pounds on a ski trip to France or Austria only for your kids to say no…. Usually when you take your family skiing for the first time you will be using the beginner slopes. There is very little point paying for an all mountain ski pass in a vast alpine resort and then spend the week on the low down beginner slopes.

Zakopane offers a low cost skiing option for families.

Skiing Zakopane, Poland 2022
Skiing in Zakopane 2022
Zakopane 2022

February half term 2022 ski holiday to Zakopane

The main UK February half term 2022 takes place from 12-19th February 2022. This is a special week for addventure tours. During the half term we organise evening activities like a trip to the thermal baths, pizza and pool night, horse sleigh rides and more so that all of our guest families can socialise.

Family skiing in Zakopane 2022
Kids Ski Lessons Zakopane

How to book a ski holiday to Zakopane – 2022

Addventure Tours are taking bookings for the 2021/2022 winter season. The first step to booking your ski holiday to Zakopane in 2022 is to contact our team. We will then help you to customise your package, choose the best accommodation for your group and help you to find the best flight options.

We require a small deposit to guarantee your accommodation. The full payment is then due just one month before arrival. Should you not be able to travel due to Covid 19 *, this deposit will be fully refunded.

* Border Closure or mandatory quarantine on arrival in Poland or returning home